Beyond the Hill
North American Premiere

Beyond the Hill

World Narrative Competition
| Turkey, Greece | 94 MINUTES | Turkish
In the quiet foothills of Turkey, Faik lives an isolated existence. When his second son brings his boys for a visit, Faik takes the opportunity to pontificate about the law of the land, as he sees it. He shares one unsolicited thought after the next, most particularly focusing on the elusive nomads whom he suspects have been trespassing on his property. The day and night wear on, and each member of the clan takes his turn entrusting the film's audience with his own dark secret.

In his feature debut, Emin Alper demonstrates a level of skill and subtlety in execution that earns him the distinction of a talent to watch. His use of space and setting creates a strikingly ominous narrative out of the simplicity of topography and facial expression. These landscapes—whether Faik's hills or a twisting grimace in close-up—become the driving dramatic forces within the story. Masterfully evoking tension through isolation, landscape, and unspoken conflict, Alper conveys that what lies beyond the hill may be far less damaging than what is within your walls.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Emin Alper and Emin Alper
Emin Alper holds a PhD in Turkish modern history and teaches in the humanities department at Istanbul Technical University. He is the writer and director of the short films Rifat (2006) and The Letter (2005). He won a special mention for best first feature at the Berlinale for Beyond the Hill.
Volkan Akmehmet, Inanc Sanver
Nikos Moutselos
Enis Köstepen, Seyfi Teoman
Emin Alper
Director of Photography
George Chiper-Lillemark
Primary Cast
Tamer Levent, Reha Özcan, Mehmet Özgür, Berk Hakman, Banu Fotocan, Furkan Berk Kiran
Production Designer
Ismail Durmaz
Emin Alper
Ozcan Vardar

Sales Agent
Enis Köstepen
Bulut Film
Fecri Ebcioglu Sokak14/4 Levent Besiktas Istanbul, 34340
Phone: +90 532 690 5636
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