Avant-Garde Masters: A Decade of Film Preservation

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Program Premiere

USA | 72 MINUTES | English |


The Avant-Garde Masters grants were created in 2003 by the National Film Preservation Foundation and The Film Foundation to preserve American Avant-Garde cinema. Funded by The Film Foundation, the program has helped save more than 90 films in its first decade, making many works available to audiences for the first time since their creation. The Tribeca Film Festival presentation celebrates the program's 10th anniversary with the films Rabbit's Moon (1950-70, Kenneth Anger), Motel Capri (1986, George Kuchar), He (1967, Tom Palazzolo), Body Collage (1967, Carolee Schneemann), Doorway (1970, Larry Gottheim), Epilogue/Siam (1979, Tom Chomont), Water Ritual #1: An Urban Rite of Purification (1979, Barbara McCullough), and Prefaces (1981, Abigail Child).

After the Movie: Stay for a conversation with filmmakers Carolee Schneemann, Abigail Child, Larry Gottheim and TFF experimental film programmer Jon Gartenberg. Moderated by Assistant Director of the National Film Preservation Foundation Jeff Lambert.

These films were preserved through the National Film Preservation Foundation's Avant-Garde Masters Grant program funded by The Film Foundation.

The films and videos in this program have been made available through the generous cooperation of the individual filmmakers, as well as Canyon Cinema, Chicago Filmmakers, Electronic Arts Intermix, Harvard Film Archive, the Reserve Film and Video Collection of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, and the UCLA Film & Television Archive.




Special note from Martin Scorsese

Throughout film history, artists have used film to expand the boundaries of cinema to create deeply personal works that evoke the full range of human experience and emotion. Unbound by narrative conventions, the Avant-Garde has inspired audiences and influenced mainstream filmmakers. For the past 10 years, the National Film Preservation Foundation and The Film Foundation have preserved more than 100 films through the Avant-Garde Masters Grants. There's no other program of its kind, and I'm thrilled that the Tribeca Film Festival is recognizing the program and highlighting the work of such artists as George Kuchar, Carolee Schneeman, Larry Gottheim, Abigail Child, and Kenneth Anger that have been preserved and—equally important—made available so audiences can actually see these extraordinary works.


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Abigail Child

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Larry Gottheim

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Jon A. Gartenberg

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Carolee Schneeman


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