Laura's Star

New York Premiere

Germany | 83 MINUTES | English |



In this heart-warming adaptation of Klaus Baumgart's storybooks, little Laura's family has just moved from a home in the country to one in the city. Laura loved the countryside, but in the city she has no friends and no trees to climb, which makes her sad, lonely, and even a little bratty. Then one night, as she watches the sky from her roof, a star falls to the ground. She rushes to find it and discovers that the star is injured. With loving care, she mends its broken point, thereby igniting a fantastic friendship. When it shines, the magical star brings everything to life, even Laura's stuffed animals. But when the star begins to fade, Laura realizes that she will have to let it go home in order for it to live. This magical animated tale is a perfect first movie for preschoolers and an unforgettable experience for the whole family.


Directed by Piet de Rycker

Author, graphic artist, and cartoonist Thilo Graf Rothkirch directed the Tobias Totz shorts for television as well as the feature-length animation films Tobias Totz and His Lion (Tobias Totz und sein Loewe) and The Little Polar Bear (Der kleine Eisbaer). The Little Polar Bear series won prizes at several festivals, including the New York Film Festival.

Piet de Rycker's films include Der alte Geschichtenerzaehler (1981), the TV series Quick & Flupke (1985-1986), Rock a Doodle, A Troll in Central Park, Thumbelina, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Tobias Totz and His Lion, and The Little Polar Bear.