2 Days in New York
New York Premiere

2 Days in New York

| France | 91 MINUTES | English, French
Female Director(s), Comedy

Passionate French photographer Marion (Julie Delpy) and her hip radio host beau Mingus (Chris Rock) live a happily coupled life with their children in a homey New York City apartment. When Marion's eccentric French family descends upon the pair unannounced, the couple is catapulted into two days of escalating mayhem, misunderstandings, and culture clash. Between Marion's delightfully unhinged father (played gleefully by Delpy's real-life Dad, Albert), her sexually frank but juvenile sister, and her sister's boorish boyfriend (also Marion's ex), it will be all Mingus can do to stay sane while the in-laws are in town.

Cleverly following up her hit 2 Days in Paris (TFF 2007), writer/director/star Delpy once again demonstrates her sharp observation of relationships and her wicked and silly sense of humor, while Chris Rock is brilliantly against-type playing it straight opposite Marion's outrageous family. An ensemble of winning comedic performances bring Delpy's astute and funny writing to life, making this comedy of errors a fun and smart romp sure to delight New York audiences.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Julie Delpy and Julie Delpy
Julie Delpy was nominated for an Oscar in 2005 for co-writing Before Sunset, the follow-up to Before Sunrise, both of which she starred in. In 2007, she wrote, directed, and starred in 2 Days in Paris. In 2010, she directed and starred in Le Skylab, which won a special jury prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival.
Costume Designer
Rebecca Hofherr
Casting By
Suzanne Smith Crowley, Jessica Kelly
Production Designer
Judy Rhee
Julie Delpy
Associate Producer
Dominique Boutonnat, Arnaud Bertrand, Hubert Caillard, Gerard Frydman, Jean-Claude Fleury, David Claikens, Alex Berbaere
Isabelle Devinck
Primary Cast
Chris Rock, Julie Delpy, Brady Smith, Vincent Gallo, Kate Burton, Dylan Baker, Malinda Williams, Alexandre Nahon, Alex Manette
Executive Producer
Helge Sasse, Matthias Triebel
Story By
Julie Delpy, Alexia Landeau, Alex Nahon
Scott Franklin, Julie Delpy, Ulf Israel, Jean-Jacques Neira, Hubert Toint
Director of Photography
Lubomir Bakchev
Julie Delpy, Alex Nahon

Technical Contact
Chris White
Director of Programming & Production
American Documentary | POV
20 Jay Street, Suite 940 Brooklyn, New York 11201
Phone: 212 989 8121
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