Shorts in Competition: Student

World Premiere

Israel | 16 MINUTES | Hebrew |


Amit and her female life partner Noa decided to take a crucial step and have a baby. Despite their strong self-confidence, neither one of them knows for sure what they will do next. The night after Noa gives birth, they both discover that there are certain things you just cannot hide.


Directed by Adiya Imri Orr

Adiya Imri Orr was born in Nayariya, Israel, and began her career as a journalist. She studied film at Tel Aviv University and has won three directing awards and two awards for the best short in five international film festivals. She previously directed Crossroad 129 and A Reason to Stay.
Director of Photography
Meidan Arama
Primary Cast
Riki Blich, Shira Katzenelenbogen
Adiya Imri Orr
Production Designer
Ella Ben Ari
Executive Producer
Adi Druker
Or Lee-Tal
Associate Producer
Amit Hershkovitz
Adiya Imri Orr
Adi Druker


Technical Contact
Meidan Arama
Phone: +972 524686149
Director's Manager
Adi Druker
129 Kfar Daniel Kfar Daniel, 129
Phone: +972542292427
Sales Agent
Adiya Imri Orr
51 Balfour Street, Apartment 5 Tel Aviv, 65212
Phone: +972 5256 14071