FILM IST. a girl & a gun
North American Premiere

FILM IST. a girl & a gun

| Austria | 93 MINUTES | English
Gustav Deutsch is a maestro of found footage filmmaking. In this enterprise, he travels to film archives worldwide, researches, and excavates clips from obscure films, and reassembles them into montage sequences that create compelling visual narratives organized around larger thematic concerns. Two of his films have previously shown at the Tribeca Film Festival: FILM IST. 7-12 (2003), which addresses questions of magic, the circus, and the fantasy aspect of cinema traced back to Georges Méliès, and World Mirror Cinema (2005), which focuses on movie theaters and the entertainment culture.

In FILM IST. a girl & a gun, the director weaves together a stunning array of color-tinted images from a variety of genres, including scientific, erotic, fiction, and actuality films. Deutsch also obtained privileged access to the film archives of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, enabling him to incorporate sequences from especially rare erotic and sex films into his latest oeuvre. Deutsch adroitly assembles a precisely constructed, mesmerizing ebb and flow of images into extraordinary montage sequences divided into five acts: Genesis, Paradeisos, Eros, Thanatos, and Symposion.

Within this narrative construction, the director creates a stunning vision of the natural and mythological order of the universe, love between the sexes, and weapons of mass destruction. These unique images are complemented by a dramatic music track, alternating between both haunting and romantic melodies. Opening the film with an arresting side view of Annie Oakley shooting her gun at the target, and ending with the iconic, startling shot of the cowboy in The Great Train Robbery aiming his gun at the audience, Deutsch implicates the spectator in the eternal cycle of life and death, so brilliantly and uniquely articulated during 90 minutes of cinematic construction. Recommended for adults only.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Gustav Deutsch and Gustav Deutsch
Gustav Deutsch earned a degree in architecture at Technical University in Vienna. He works in the conception, organization, and realization of interdisciplinary art projects as an attempt to regain the social effectiveness of art. His films include Rituale, Prince Albert Fährt Vorbei, Marriage Blanc, and Spektrum and have won more than a dozen awards.
Hanna Schimek, Gustav Deutsch
Loop Media
Manfred Neuwirth
Gustav Deutsch
Christian Fennesz, Martin Siewert, Burkhard Stangl
Supervisory Artist
Hanna Schimek
Additional Music
Bohren & Der Club of Gore, David Grubbs, Olga Neuwirth, Lucia Pulido, Eva Reiter, Soap & Skin

International Distributor
Brigitta Rurger-Utzer
Sixpack Films
Ralph McKay
Sixpack Film Americas
Box 914, 609 W Galveston Marfa, TX 78712
Phone: 432 729 4554
Press Contact
sixpackfilm distribution
sixpackfilm distribution
Neubaugasse 45/13 Vienna, 1070
Phone: +43 152 609 90
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