The Last Mermaids

Shorts in Competition: Documentary

North American Premiere

USA, South Korea | 19 MINUTES | Korean (Jeju Island Dialect) |


Female Director(s), Documentary
Generation after generation, the women of Jeju Island have survived by becoming Haenyos (women sea divers). Director Liz Chae spent months living with the chief of one of the last remaining Haenyo tribes. For 2,000 years, the Haenyos of Jeju have fought men, governments, and armies to protect their right to make a living from the sea. Now they want the tradition to stop. These are The Last Mermaids.

Note: This film will screen as part of the Shorts: Time Will Tell program.


Directed by Liz Chae

Liz Chae (b. Kingston, Jamaica) is a writer/director committed to bringing stories of women and the Korean-American experience to the screen. After studying film in Paris, she worked in New York on independent films such as Hal Hartley's Henry Fool. Chae is earning her MFA in film directing at Columbia University.
Liz Chae
Primary Cast
Gae Jung Kim, Bang Gil Ko, Daek Su Ko, Bok Yoel Lee, Bok Sun Kang, Hwa Kang Oh
Joel Douek
Underwater Cinematography
Gun Tae Kim
Associate Producer
Jesse Whitnall
Liz Chae
Director of Photography
Dae In Kim
Hwa Jeong Lee
Executive Producers
Kenneth K. Chae, Nam Im Yoon


Print Source
Liz Chae
Chae Films
361 Pleasant Avenue, #3 New York, NY 10035