The Year of the Pig
North American Premiere

The Year of the Pig

Shorts in Competition: Student
| Cuba, Puerto Rico | 10 MINUTES | Spanish
Chang Rodríguez, a delivery boy from Havana's Chinatown, is tired of his routine and longs for anything that'll change his life. Completely unaware of his own power, he becomes an instrument of destiny every 12 years, on the year of the pig.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Claudia Calderón
Claudia Calderón studied photography and acting in her native Puerto Rico and attended an intensive film production workshop at NYU. As a director, her work includes Aprietos (2002), El susto (2003), and Maletas (2007). She has also worked in numerous capacities (producer, assistant director) on many other short films.
Director of Photography
Leonardo Cubillos
Encarnación Martínez
Glenda Merlo
Sound Editing
Gustavd Pioravantf
Leopoldo Nakata
Principal Cast
José Antonio Rodríguez, Antulio Marín, Annia Bu, Caridad Amarán, Alejandro Chiu, Mario Guerra, Luis Alberto Delgado, Hilda Chiu, Marlenys Choy Chang, Bárbara Díaz, Joan Abreu
Claudia Calderón, Leopoldo Nakata, Fernando de Peña


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