International Premiere


Shorts in Competition: Student
| Israel | 22 MINUTES | Hebrew
Yoni and Michal, who have been married for just one year, arrive at the offices of the rabbinate to formalize their divorce. Michal still believes that their relationship is worth fighting for and that the marriage can be saved while Yoni wishes only to be free. But the outcome of the ceremony, in which Yoni must hand over the bill of divorce to Michal, is unanticipated by both of them.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Pazit Lichtman
Pazit Lichtman (b. Ashkelon) graduated from the Ma'aleh School of Television & Film in 2007. She participated in many graduate film projects as producer, assistant director, editor, and sound engineer, among other roles. She now works at the school as the director of the editing department. Her films include Love Wills, Heaven's Voice, Rattles, and Willingly.
Director of Photography
Tzofnat David
Chaim Elbaum
Principal Cast
Avital Abrgel, Sharon Fridman, Yifat Hagbi, Mital Glazer, Ayala Zamir, Maya Madger, Yiftach Erez
Avi Balleli
Pazit Lichtman
Mital Glazer


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