The Gravedancers

World Premiere

USA | 99 MINUTES | English |


Horror, Thriller

Harris, Kira, and Sid are college friends who reunite for the funeral of their good friend Devin. A night of drinking ultimately leads to a trip to the cemetery, where the trio bids a final goodbye to Devin before finding a strange card on a gravestone. Written on the card is a song, which the three drunken friends sing while dancing on the nearby graves. Little do they know that the song is actually an ancient curse, and that by invoking it they've condemned one another to a month of haunting, the final outcome of which could very well be death. Director Mike Mendez keeps The Gravedancers firmly planted in a kind of horror classicism, foregoing much of the tongue-in-cheek postmodernism that one might expect from a "new-school" horror filmmaker. That having been said, paranormal investigators Vincent and Culpepper still happily offer up some comic relief. Eventually it is revealed that the ancient curse woke three psychopaths from their eternal slumber, and that these three ghosts will stop at nothing to take Harris, Kira, and Sid back to the other side with them. The two investigators try to help Harris, Kira, Sid, and Harris' wife Allison thwart the ghosts and survive. The question is: Will they make it?