Three Towers

New York Premiere

U.K., Italy | 12 MINUTES | Italian |


Drama, Female Director(s)
Three Towers is set in remote rural Italy and revolves around the shattered routine of an old farmer couple after a chance meeting with a Scottish tourist who tells them about two buildings that have just collapsed in New York.


Directed by Emily Harris and Yoni Bentovim

EMILY HARRIS and YONI BENTOVIM are an award-winning filmmaking duo. They began collaborating whilst studying at the London Film School and have continued to produce successful projects, ranging from dramatic shorts to television documentaries. Bentovim has collaborated on projects with many important film figures, including Abbas Kiarostami and Ashvin Kumar. Bentovim is also a published film writer with articles in prominent film magazines such as Film Waves and Cinemateque. Harris has edited several documentaries and reality television shows for the Discovery Channel (US and UK), Channel 4 (UK), Channel 5 (UK) and more. She was the Editor and Co-producer for the feature documentary Tovarisch, I am not Dead by double British Academy Award Winner Stuart Urban.