World Premiere

USA | 50 MINUTES | English |


Female Director(s)
In this engaging experimental road movie that celebrates being single, director Aimee Jennings-who previously made Fragments of Existence, a chronicle of six ethnically different women at various stages of life-turns the camera on herself for her own journey through Australia. Driven forward by a succession of still photographs and pixilated moving images, the film features commentary by the protagonist, augmented by site-specific sound in the background from animals, human voices and modes of transport. Her voiceover narration hints at a past of mixed racial identity, parental divorce and failed romantic relationships, all of which contrast with her present journey into a vibrant new world of color and visual textures. Jennings' film functions simultaneously as a travelogue, visual blog and reality show, in which the filmmaker is at once contestant, jury and her own executioner. Inspired by Chris Marker's Sans Soleil and La Jetée, films that are meditations on human existence, time and memory, Aimee Jennings makes her own journey into a transformative portrait of self-discovery. Over the course of So, Jennings frankly addresses her fears: loneliness and solitude; living a mediocre life; remaining single; and of never finding happiness. By the end, after Jennings experiences the exhilaration of sky diving, underwa- ter exploration and bungee jumping-physical metaphors for her overcoming those fears-she fully embraces her life's expe- riences, accepting them at last as the accumulation of fragments of memory. Screened in the Portraits of Women Program.


Directed by Aimee Jennings

AIMEE JENNINGS first discovered a love of storytelling in college where she created several personal short films with a decidedly hyper-realistic style. Don't Push So Hard, her first short film, was a haunting and yet innocent statement about domestic violence. Over the next few years she began to plant the witty seeds of comedy that would define her filmmaking style with films like Harvey Mann, a mockumentary about a talent agent planning a comeback with his top client Fred Savage, and These Women, a generational story about finding your place in life told through four women in an African- American family. After college Jennings attended California Institute of the Arts where she wrote, directed, and edited a short film entitled 2nd Grade and completed her graduate studies with Fragments of Existence, which has been featured at several independent festivals around the country and acknowledged with a Goldie Film Award in 2002.