Fried Rice

International Premiere

Netherlands | 9 MINUTES | Dutch |


A girl adopted from China seeks the ultimate revenge on her Dutch father. He’s a butcher and decides to use his daughter’s ethnicity as a marketing tool to sell fried rice. The daughter turns the butcher shop into a proper Chinese shop replete with a shrill Peking Opera and her self-imposed traditional Chinese dress uniform. And in the process, she not only embarrasses the shop’s customers but also her father.


Directed by Nils Mooij

Nils Mooij studied journalism and graduated as a screenwriter/ director from The Netherlands Film and Television Academy (NFTA) in 2004. He has written screenplays for various film academy productions and apprenticed as story editor with production company IJswater Films. He also has directed several short film exercises and worked as a freelance editor on television programs.