The Photo of Luzmila

World Premiere

USA, Peru | 29 MINUTES | Spanish |


A mix of interviews and archival documentary footage, The Photo of Luzmila explores the process of recollecting memory using photography. The camera serves as both catalyst and artistic tool of symbolic reparation for those in the center of Peru's two decades of violence. With the help of a photograph of their mother, the filmmakers therapeutically recall and reconcile their pasts.


Directed by Mayu Mohanna

Mayu Mohanna, a photographer from Lima, Peru, was the curator for the photography archive of Peru's Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Her photographs have appeared in the newspapers El Comercio and El Mundo, and the magazines Quehacer and Si. She has taught photography at the University of Lima, the Gaudi Institute, and was the recipient of the Aaron Siskind Memorial Award in 2003.