Exhibit 42

New York Premiere

USA | 12 MINUTES | English |


Something is fishy about Exhibit 42. Rule one at any art gallery is “Do Not Touch The Artwork,” but when curious Myles comes face to fin with a certain irresistibly tantalizing installation piece, trouble is on the way.


Directed by Glenn Komsky

Glenn Komsky is a first-time director who left a lucrative career as a computer consultant to follow his lifelong ambition of making films. He found inspiration while studying under then-unknown writer/director Dylan Kidd (Rodger Dodger, P.S.). After initial jobs as a production assistant on student projects, Komsky recently served as assistant director on Eric Schaeffer’s film Mind the Gap. Pulling together a cast and crew from people he had worked with, Komsky then financed and shot the short film Exhibit 42. He is currently seeking to arrange financing for Graven Image and Friends Like These, two feature length original screenplays.