In the Spirit of Laxmi
New York Premiere

In the Spirit of Laxmi

Shorts in Competition: Documentary
| USA, India, Singapore | 30 MINUTES | English

In the Spirit of Laxmi follows the journey of Gerhard Wiehahn as he raises an injured leopard cub in India's Rajasthan province. Wiehahn commits 16 months of his life to raising the cub with the goal of returning her to the wilderness from which she came. They become increasingly inseparable as the months go by and they move toward their final goodbyes.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Michael Rogers, Michael Rogers, Meghan Shea, and Meghan Shea
MICHAEL ROGERS has worked as a director and DP with National Geographic Television and Discovery Networks among others. MEGHAN SHEA currently works at Persistent Productions. She recently directed Shooting For Democracy about Bhutan's 2008 transition to democracy.
Meghan Shea, Michael Rogers
Primary Cast
Gerhard Weihahn, Laxmi
Sound Mixer
Justin Matley
Director of Photography
Michael K. Rogers
Meghan Shea
Executive Producer
Trina Dingler-Ebert
Mike MacAllister, Dan Venne, Aaron Kotler
Sound Editor
Justin Matley, Peter Buccellatto

Press Contact
Geoffrey Weill
Geoffrey Weill Associates
New York, NY 10010
Phone: 212.288.1144
Main Contact
Trina Dingler-Ebert
Amanresorts International Pte Ltd
Singapore, 247729
Phone: 65.9798.0828


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