Donor Unknown
North American Premiere

Donor Unknown

| U.K. | 78 MINUTES | English

Growing up, the only thing JoEllen Marsh knew about her biological father was that he was Donor 150. She had basic questions about where she came from and who shared her nose. Using the Internet and social networking sites, JoEllen set out to locate and meet for the first time dozens of brothers and sisters across the country. With an ever-expanding family tree, JoEllen and her newfound siblings decide to initiate contact with the bearer for their shared genes, Donor 150. Enter Jeffrey Harrison, an eccentric fiftysomething hippie living out of an RV on Venice Beach. As a youngster, Jeffrey moved to Hollywood with acting dreams, but between posing for Playgirl, waiting tables, and donating sperm at $20 a pop, his life didn't pan out as planned.

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Jerry Rothwell (Heavy Load, Deep Water) captures the path of young people looking for their genetic inheritance as it converges with an aging vagabond whose life choices just might now offer new purpose. Together they explore—and call into question—the role of genetics as a foundation for lasting "family" relationships within a distinctly modern context.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Jerry Rothwell
JERRY ROTHWELL is a documentary filmmaker whose work includes the award-winning feature docs Heavy Load and Deep Water. He is in currently in production on Town of Runners, a feature documentary about young athletes in rural Ethiopia. Rothwell's credits include programs for the BBC and Channel 4.
Max De Wardener
Hilary Durman, Al Morrow
Executive Producer
Jonny Persey, Jim Butterworth
Outreach Producer
Karen Gilchrist
Consultant Producer
Daniel J Chalfen
Jerry Rothwell
Alan Mackay
Naked Edge Films
Primary Cast
Jeffrey Harrison, JoEllen Marsh, Danielle Pagano, Fletcher Norris, Rachelle Longest, Ryann McQuilton, Roxanne Shaffer

Sales Contact
Piers Nightingale
Highpoint Media Group
London, NW5 1LB
Phone: +44.20.7424.6870
Hilary Durman
RedBird Productions
Winchester, SO23 9EH
Phone: +44 771 044 9377
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Donor Unknown won the Tribeca (Online) Film Festival Best Feature Award, and will have two additional screenings on Sunday, May 1. Learn more.

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