Shorts: Mix Tape
Program Premiere

Shorts: Mix Tape

Short Film Program
| USA | 95 MINUTES | English
Sit back, relax, and take a rhythmic ride around the world with these narrative shorts. Fueled by alcohol and hormones, Aimee and Steph take a swim on a hot summer night in The Kiss. A student accepts a lift from a stranger but The Ride leads to unexpected consequences. Joel has finally made up his mind, or so he thinks, in Coming Out. A hotel housekeeper dreams of home in Rooms. The little girl in Hauraki gives the grown-ups a lesson in compassion. Experience the awesome adventures of a man and his mustache in Mr. Stache. Shane and his friends thought it would be fun to recapture their geeky youth until The Dungeon Master arrived. Two cops discover a dead body in a cottage and get more than they bargained for in Noreen.


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