Semper Fi: Always Faithful

World Documentary Competition

World Premiere

USA | 75 MINUTES | English |



Master Sergeant Jerry Ensminger's loyalty belonged to the Marine Corps for 25 years. But when his nine-year-old daughter dies of a rare leukemia, Jerry gives up all else to investigate the cause of her death. His exhaustive search for answers leads to a shocking discovery: one of the largest water contamination cover-ups in US history. Bravely determined to hold the Marine Corps accountable for the unprecedented number of cancer cases and deaths at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, Jerry refuses to settle for the military's dismissive response to the many victims buried under their dubious bureaucracy. Outrage, perseverance, and enduring patriotic duty drive Jerry to reveal this grave national issue before Congress and the American public.

Directors Rachel Libert and Tony Hardmon present a timely and sobering personal story, shining a light on the military's betrayal of American soldiers and their families. The film compels and empowers the viewer to demand the Department of Defense—America's largest polluter, according to the film—to protect its soldiers and civilians from toxic environmental conditions at military sites across the nation.

Semper Fi: Always Faithful won the Best Editing—Documentary Award, and will have two additional screenings on Sunday, May 1. Learn more.  

Good news! Semper Fi also came in 2nd place in the Heineken Audience Award race, which means it has two MORE screenings on Sunday. Learn more.


Directed by Tony Hardmon, Rachel Libert, Tony Hardmon, and Rachel Libert

RACHEL LIBERT is the director of the documentary Beyond Conviction, which aired as a primetime special on MSNBC. Her short film Undertaker premiered at Sundance and was the recipient of numerous awards. TONY HARDMON is a veteran cinematographer who has worked on several films with acclaimed documentarians Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, including Freakonomics and Jesus Camp.
Director of Photography
Tony Hardmon
Purcell Carson
Jedd Wider, Todd Wider, Rachel Libert, Tony Hardmon
Rachel Libert, Tony Hardmon
Ivor Guest


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