Shorts: Take as Directed

Short Film Program

Program Premiere

USA | 99 MINUTES | English |


You'll receive just the right dose of drama and comedy in this short narrative program. A nine-year-old boy enlists the help of his best friend to get his Bunny back. A successful man abandons his worldly possessions for a purpose in The Philosopher. Marissa and Jeremy finally share their feelings as Christian summer camp comes to an end in All In All. When Cesar finds himself without options he carjacks Marcia as a Last Resort. An exhausted mother brings her terrified child to the hospital in Cold Blood. In Man and Boy a father takes justice into his own hands when he thinks his son has been sexually assaulted. Ting misses her mom, Jie misses his wife, and a kitten becomes a catalyst in Braid. Two years after a traumatic car accident that leaves a girl in a vegetative state, the man responsible attempts to atone in Switch.