World Premiere

USA | 23 MINUTES | English |


The story of a girl and six boys who are all friends with one thing in common: they all like girls. Well, then we find out two of them actually like boys, but one of the two thinks he likes girls. And then one used to be girl. But wait! There’s more…


Directed by Christy Pessagno

Christy Pessagno was born to two very lucky people in Virginia back in the ‘70s and has been making images for a long time. She likes using really expensive cameras and pretending that she’s a surfer. Her influences include, but are not limited to: her family, Journey, gender theory, The Secret Life of Dogs, Jean-Luc Godard, skateboarding, boys, girls, advertising, Nan Goldin, MTV, parking tickets, modern dance, Bose speakers, Diane Arbus, Slickshoes, yuppies, Christopher Guest, and The Endless Summer.