Adam & Steve

World Premiere

USA | 100 MINUTES | English |


Thirtysomething? Recovering addict? Suck at relationships? Gay, former-goth? No, this is not a self-help ad-it is Adam Bernstein. In 1987, Adam and his fat fag-hag Rhonda walked into Danceateria, but instead of finding black-clad mopers and Bauhaus, they encountered glitter-covered, barely clad dancers and the Human League. That's when shy Adam met outgoing Steve. A few bumps of coke later, the couple moved their flirting from the dance floor to the bedroom, but what starts out as a hot night falls prey to the somewhat unattractive side effect coke has on Steve. (Let's just say it wasn't the kind of bodily fluids Adam was expecting to clean up). Thus begins the hilarious, raunchy, fun-filled saga that is Adam & Steve. It picks up almost 20 years later, when our titular duo have another chance encounter, without either of them realizing they have met before. Character actor Craig Chester, in his feature writing and directing debut, leaps to leading man as Adam. He has spiked his romantic comedy with slapstick shticks reminiscent of Buster Keaton and Lucille Ball, and then tossed in one-liners that you will be reciting long after the end credits roll. Chester and Malcolm Gets (Steve) have a natural onscreen chemistry that rivals their straight Hollywood counterparts. Scene-stealers Parker Posey and ex-Saturday Night Live dervish Chris Kattan as Adam and Steve's best friends, respectively, add their remarkable comic timing to this good-time farce.