Spandex: A Father's Tale
World Premiere

Spandex: A Father's Tale

| USA | 21 MINUTES | English
Comedy, Music
Lindsey's father, George, has a secret. He's always down in the basement, putting on makeup and listening to old records. Lindsey has suspicions... But when his music teacher threatens to fail Lindsey, George must overcome the tragic secret in his past, and wear the spandex and lipstick he vowed to leave behind, to teach his son how to rock hard.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Matthew Manson
Matthew Manson was born December 30, 1980, and was raised in New York City. By the age of 12, he had written, directed, and edited several short films. While still in high school, he received the William Mastrosimone Award for a play that he wrote and directed. At NYU, Manson had his works selected for the Sight and Sound, Color Sync, and Sound Image festivals. Since graduating, he has worked on the production side of several TV shows and feature films.


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