Ghosts of Grey Gardens

World Premiere

USA | 32 MINUTES | English |


A 30th anniversary homage to 1975 Maysles Brothers' documentary Grey Gardens, which detailed the relationship between mother Edith Bouvier Beale and daughter Edie-the eccentric aunt and first cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Ghosts is one fan's three-year quest to gather additional information on the Beales and explore their enormous impact on creative people. Features interviews with Gardens' co-director Albert Maysles, fashion designer Todd Oldham, and Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee of The Washington Post.


Directed by Liliana Greenfield-Sanders

Liliana Greenfield-Sanders is a filmmaker living in New York City. Born and raised on the Lower East Side, she has worked for Anthology Film Archives and Fine Line Features, and was a production assistant on the film Zoolander. She graduated with honors from the art-semiotics department at Brown University. She is currently working for Perfect Day Films Inc. and Maysles Films Inc. Ghosts of Grey Gardens is her first film.