7 Dwarves
North American Premiere

7 Dwarves

| Germany | 94 MINUTES | English
The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves gets a wacky overhaul by those perennial humorists-the Germans! This farce packaged full of zaniness, broad humor, and bad brunette jokes is one of the highest-grossing German films to date. Beyond the seven mountains in the enchanted forest, seven "dwarves" live in a secluded "female-free zone." No, it's not a gay commune; it's a group of men who have had their hearts broken by women. They have a strict code of honor and live peacefully until a beautiful brunette named Snow White arrives. Though it is against their code, they cannot resist her innocent (and sexy) charm. She is hiding from the Evil Queen who is trying to knock her off because…well, you know the story. Everything seems safe until the Evil Queen poses as a door-to-door salesman hawking a youth-preserving coffin. Actually, it's just a big piece of Tupperware, but the Evil Queen in disguise manages to get poor innocent Snow White into it and hauls her off. And of course, the Dwarves must save their damsel in distress. This colorful, fun film features seven of Germany's top comedians with punk icon Nina Hagen as the Evil Queen and her real life daughter, Cosma Shiva Hagen, as Snow White. It's the Brothers Grimm as you've never seen them before.


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