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Wednesday 04:45

World Narrative Competition

World Premiere

Germany, Israel, Greece | 117 MINUTES | Greek | English subtitles


Drama, Thriller
A life’s work becomes a prison for Athens jazz club owner Stelios when a shady Romanian gangster calls in the debts he took to keep his dream of supporting the music afloat. As the hours tick by to the titular moment when the extraordinary sum is due, Stelios stumbles through a series of increasingly desperate episodes to disguise the reality of the situation from his disenchanted family, and gather enough money and favors to get the Romanian off his back. And still, in the meantime, get a fix.

Part Coen-esque descent of a mostly decent man into a seedy and bewildering underworld, part parable on the perils of accumulated debt from the frontline of the European financial crisis, Wednesday 04:45 is a gripping, multilayered gangster drama. Director Alexis Alexiou perfectly balances the complex emotions that drive a man—or, indeed, an entire culture—to take the most drastic measures available. Any exit is suitable when you are backed into a corner.

—Arthur Ryel-Lindsey


Directed by Alexis Alexiou

Born in 1976 in Athens, Alexis Alexiou has a degree in Physics from the University of Athens. In 1998 he founded the independent production company Tugo Tugo Productions. Wednesday 04:45 is Alexiou’s second film.
Alexis Alexiou
Alexis Alexiou
Thanassis Karathanos
Lambis Charalambidis
Associate Producer
Alexander Bohr
Christos Karamanis
Executive Producer
Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, Eleni Berde, Theodora Valenti
Kostas Lambropoulos, Talia Kleinhendler, Osnat Handelsman Keren
Art Direction
Spyros Laskaris
Line Producer
Matthaios Voulgaris
Production Supervisor
Maria Kontogianni
Sound Mixer
Gil Toren
Sound Design
Avi Mizrahi
Stelios Mainas, Dimitris Tzoumakis, Adam Bousdoukos, Giorgos Symeonidis, Mimi Branescou, Maria Nafpliotou,


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