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World Premiere

USA | 82 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Female Director(s), Comedy, Documentary, Female Screenwriter(s)
A keen observation of a sun-dappled and still-watered swamp, Uncertain contemplates a frequently overlooked and enigmatic town whose lake, and only real source of income, comes under threat from an aquatic nuisance of the botanical variety. Perhaps unsurprisingly for a site so-named, there is a lack of consensus about the Texas town's origin: whether the result of a surveyor's confusion when marking an early map, or steamboat captains' belief that docking there was an unknowable, impossible task, an auspicious beginning is offered for the unsettled and yearning inhabitants.

With beautiful, vivid imagery and a haunting mood, this observational documentary presents the particulars of the town as seen through the eyes of residents that include a fishing guide with a thick, southern drawl and a dangerous past; a former addict with a vendetta against a local wild boar; and a young man decrying small town decay, but ultimately trapped by it. Uncertain offers a nuanced look at a quirky town and its residents during tumultuous change.

—Dominic Davis

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Directed by Anna Sandilands and Ewan McNicol

Anna Sandilands and Ewan McNicol are the directing and producing team, co-owners, and creative directors of the documentary studio Lucid Inc. Both are named in Filmmaker Magazine’s 2013 “25 New Faces of Independent Film.” Their film The Roper won the 2013 Webby for Best Documentary.
Anna Sandilands, Ewan McNicol
Anna Sandilands, Ewan McNicol
Anna Sandilands, Ewan McNicol
Marco Perez, Ewan McNicol
Ewan McNicol
Executive Producer
Anna Sandilands, Ewan McNicol
Daniel Hart
Wayne Smith, Henry Lewis, Zach Warren, Billy Carter, Lee Eisenberg, Karen Holzman, Geraldine Lewis, Tom McCool, Darrin Peeples


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Lucid Inc.
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Submarine Entertainment
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