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Un(re)solved Podcast

Tribeca Podcasts

World Premiere

United States | 42 MINUTES |


Documentary, Journalism

What prompted the FBI to reinvestigate over one hundred unsolved civil rights era murders? And what does justice look like for families whose loved ones were killed? Reporter James Edwards seeks answers to these questions, reflecting on his own family’s experiences along the way.

Part of the Juneteenth programming. Sponsored by:


Project Creator
James Edwards, FRONTLINE PBS
James Edwards, Max Green, Michelle Mizner
James Edwards
Cheryl Devall
Associate Producer
Lucie Sullivan
Executive Producer
Dawn Porter, Raney Aronson-Rath
Editing by
Sarah Childress, Lauren Prestileo, Carla Borrás, Jay Allison, Andrew Metz
Reporting by
James Edwards, Ben Greenberg, Ko Bragg, Shantal Riley, Zoe Todd, Katie Worth
Additional Production
Cassie McGrath, Collyn Stephens