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A Thousand Junkies


World Premiere

USA | 82 MINUTES | English |


Comedy, First Time Filmmaker
Tommy, Blake, and TJ have their day all sorted out. Until they don’t. When their dealer suddenly abandons them, these three heroin addicts criss-cross Los Angeles searching for an alternate source of relief. Along the way they debate increasingly reckless options for securing a new stash. It’s not long before debate becomes action.

With a sensitive eye and no loss of comic skill from his days as a screenwriter for ’90s family favorites like Cool Runnings and Little Giants, Tommy Swerdlow crafts a comedy balanced on the fine line between reliance and dependence — not just the drugs his anti-heroes seek but the faulty relationships that have enabled or resisted their habits over time. As the film edges closer to the absurd, driven by the hyperbole natural to desperate men (see: the film’s title), it delivers both the inevitable and the wholly unexpected: a drug movie that struggles to find any drugs, and a road movie that drives in circles.

—Cara Cusumano


Directed by Tommy Swerdlow

Tommy Swerdlow is a self-expresser from the old school. He’s a poet/screenwriter/actor/director and teacher. He wrote a movie called Cool Runnings that people seemed to like, and a few others as well, including Little Giants and Snow Dogs. His poetry CD “Prisoner Of The Gifted Sleep” was released on New Alliance records.
Tommy Swerdlow
Tommy Swerdlow, TJ Bowen
John De Menil, Warren Hansen
Anisha Acharya, Lee Buckley, Jimmy Long, Nathaniel Park
Lee Buckley, John de Menil, Tommy Swerdlow, Preston Clay Reed, Christine Melton, Bert Kern, Danny Petrasek, Rick Rosenthal, Nick Morton, Daren Hicks, Simon Tams
Tommy Swerdlow, TJ Bowen, Blake Heron, Bill Pullman, Steven Weber, Dinarte de Freitas


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