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This is Climate Change


World Premiere

USA, Somalia, Greenland, Brazil | 29 MINUTES | English |


Documentary, Environmental, Tribeca Film Festival Alumni
In this expansive virtual reality docu-series from Participant Media and Condition One, journey to the far corners of the earth to discover the people and places being hit hardest by climate change. This Is Climate Change offers an immersive look into our new reality of catastrophic weather events that are displacing communities and transforming landscapes with alarming speed.

Screening with Cinema360: This Is Climate Change

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Project Creator
Danfung Dennis, Eric Strauss
Key Collaborator
Diana El-Osta (Producer), Catherine Yrisarri (Producer), Jeff Skoll (Executive Producer), Elise Pearlstein (Executive Producer), Kathy Davidov (Executive Producer), Casey Brown (Executive Producer)
Diana El-Osta, Catherine Yrisarri
Executive Producer
Jeff Skoll, Elise Pearlstein, Kathy Davidov, Casey Brown


Press Contact
Dominique McDonald
Falco Ink.
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212 445 7100
Press Contact
April Tonsil
Falco Ink
New York, New York 10016
Phone: 212 445 7100