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Souls of Totality


New York Premiere

USA | 18 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Science Fiction
Set during the Great American Eclipse, Souls of Totality tells a story about the sacrifices we make, the things we don’t say, and love’s seemingly supernatural ability to conquer all.

Screening with Shorts: Loose Ends

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Directed by Richard Raymond

Richard Raymond’s debut film Desert Dancer, screened at Lincoln Center, the United States Capitol, and the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where it was the runner-up for the Audience Award. His short, Souls of Totality, contains a single-take sequence shot during a solar eclipse, a first in cinema history.
Richard Raymond
John Trefry, James Mitchell, Richard Raymond, Nousha Raymond
Kate Trefry, Ben Bolea
Jarin Blaschke
Michael Dean Parsons
David Pergolini
Executive Producer
Lara Ross, Todd Ross, Ben Bolea, Kate Trefry, Charlie Manna
Tatiana Maslany, Tom Cullen, Helen Shaver, Mike Tague


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