Something Strange Is Happening
World Premiere

Something Strange Is Happening

Tribeca Podcasts
| United States | 22 MINUTES

This scripted horror anthology podcast is built around one terrifying premise: When immigrants came to America, we brought our languages and cultures, but there’s one thing we miscalculated: we brought our monsters, too. Set in LA’s Historic Filipino Town, Season One features monsters and evil spirits of Filipino folklore, back for vengeance in modern times. Each season travels to a different immigrant town for an American horror story like you’ve never heard.

Cast & Credits
Project Creator
Tessa Bartholomew, Christina Kingsleigh Licud
Tessa Bartholomew, Christina Kingsleigh Licud
Tessa Bartholomew
Christina Kingsleigh Licud
Sound Design by
Paola Magrans
Theme Song by
Francois Comtois
Paola Magrans
Tessa Bartholomew, Cynthia San Luis, Francis Lansang, Calum Aranda, Logan Bartholomew, Miguel Sugay, Jay Sugay, and Thelma Sugay


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