Series Preview: Hot White Heist
World Premiere

Series Preview: Hot White Heist

Tribeca Podcasts
| United States | 75 MINUTES
New York, Action, Comedy, LGBTQIA

Hot White Heist is written, created and produced by Adam Goldman and directed and produced by Alan Cumming, along with Broadway Video and Club Cumming Productions. The Audible Original follows a crew of misfits from across the LGBTQ spectrum as they attempt the stickiest heist in history: stealing a hidden supply of sperm samples from the US government. Why? To help a lesbian cult finance a top secret project, of course. Basically, it’s a sperm bank heist.

Join Audible for an immersive premiere of Hot White Heist featuring talent appearances, drag performances and a special first-listen of this new comedy podcast, voiced by an all-star LGBTQ cast.

Cast & Credits
Project Creator
Adam Goldman
Adam Goldman, Alan Cumming, Club Cumming Productions, Broadway Video, Britta von Schoeler, Mark Valdez, Gabriella Mezzacappa, Daniel Nardicio, and Sam Benedict
Alan Cumming


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