The People's House
World Premiere

The People's House

Virtual Arcade
| USA, Canada | 20 MINUTES | English
The People’s House takes you on a historic visit to President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House. Through the transportive power of VR, the Obamas take you on an intimate journey inside the West Wing, Executive and Private Residences, reflecting on their time there, and recounting the building’s profound history since its creation over two centuries ago.

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Cast & Credits
Directed by
Paul Raphael and Felix Lajeunesse
Paul Raphaël and Félix Lajeunesse are both Emmy Award®-winning filmmakers and visual artists based in Montreal. With a combined passion in cinematic storytelling, visual effects and technology, they teamed up and developed award-winning stereoscopic 3D films and large-scale multimedia installations that have been viewed around the world.
Project Creators
Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël (Felix & Paul Studios
Key Collaborators
Patrick Radden Keefe, Stephane Rituit, Ryan Horrigan, Kori Schulman

Project Contact
Stéphane Rituit
Felix & Paul Studios
Montreal, H2Y 1Y3
Phone: 5143317001
Press Contact
Natalie Bruss
Santa Monica, 90405
Phone: 703 786 4628


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