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Night School


World Premiere

USA | 88 MINUTES | English |


Documentary, NY Director(s)

Indianapolis has one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the country. Night School follows three adult students living in the city’s more impoverished neighborhoods as they attempt to earn their diplomas while juggling other difficult responsibilities and realities. Through their stories, the filmmakers explore many issues that low-income Americans deal with, including unjust minimum wage and working conditions, arbitrary legal hindrances, and race and gender inequality.

Director Andrew Cohn observes the individual journeys of Greg, Melissa and Shynika as they fight to better themselves and their situations. Each has their own personal reasons and motivations but ultimately they have realized graduating to be a crucial stepping stone to bettering their lives. As in Cohn’s directorial debut, Medora, the remarkable authenticity of these stories and the way in which they are woven together is both sobering and enlightening. These dynamic and empathetic characters are inspiring in their perseverance, and their small individual stories take on a larger importance in the context of the ongoing struggle for equal access to education in America.

—Tilson Allen-Merry

Co-hosted by:


Directed by Andrew Cohn

Andrew Cohn is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and screenwriter living in Brooklyn, New York. His first feature­length film Medora was featured on PBS’ "Independent Lens" series. Most recently, Cohn directed the documentary Kid Danny for ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 series.

Andrew Cohn
Jason Orans, Steve Bannatyne, Pamela Ryan
Thomas Niles
Associate Producer
Lauren Franklin, Kelly Marshall, Emily McAllister
Zachary Shields
Executive Producer
Dan Cogan, Jenny Raskin, Wendy Vanden Heuvel, Louis Venezia, Rob Lyons, Jeremy Workman
Adam Rubenstein
Assistant Editor
Kelly Marshall, Hanna Utkin
Co-Executive Producer
Dawn Davis, Jeff Devino
Music Supervisor
Chris Swanson, Adam Rubenstein
Greg Henson, Melissa Lewis, Shynika Jakes


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