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Mushroom Cloud NYC/ RISE

Main Competition

World Premiere

United States | 4 MINUTES | English |



Mushroom Cloud NYC / RISE is a site-specific AR experience by artist Nancy Baker Cahill. Witness a mushroom cloud explode over the water and then slowly transform against the sky into a call to collective action against climate change. The NYC edition is custom geolocated for Tribeca alongside an original NFT video work minted on the Algorand Blockchain entitled, RISE, marking the first NFT created from an XR festival experience.

Advisory: This project includes imagery of an AR mushroom cloud explosion over the Hudson River as part of the larger experience. Please be advised when participating due to sensitive content.

Sustainability Partner of Tribeca Festival:


Produced by
Nancy Baker Cahill Studio
Key Collaborator
Sarah Odenkirk
Project Creator
Nancy Baker Cahill
Shaking Earth Digital
AR Soundscape
Anna Luisa Petrisko