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Virtual Arcade

World Premiere

SHORT | United States | 14 MINUTES |


When the sudden disappearance of water, their main life-source, threatens to upend a vibrant utopia, Blaze, an intrepid teen must save their community before it’s too late. Created through a unique collaboration of artists, land, and housing activists, Mine is an animated web series that explores the difficult and worthwhile fight for the community you love.

*Part of the Juneteenth programming

Part of the Juneteenth programming. Sponsored by:


Key Collaborators
Randall Dottin & Luisa Dantas
Key Collaborator
Randall Dottin & Luisa Dantas
Project Creator
Rise-Home Stories Project


Press Contact
Amber Stafford
Tribeca Festival
Phone: 206-353-4751
Press Contact
Luisa Dantas
JoLu Productions Inc
New Orleans, LA 70116
Phone: 917 447 3529