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A Matter Of Trust

International Narrative Competition

World Premiere

FEATURE | Denmark | 105 MINUTES | Danish | English subtitles



On a repatriation flight from Denmark to Afghanistan, a doctor finds her commitment to the Hippocratic oath tested by a violent immigration system. After being cruelly outed to his whole school, a young student seeks comfort in the company of his English teacher. At a funeral, a pregnant newlywed questions her husband’s mysterious past. In an AirBnb owned by a conservative eavesdropper, two married strangers begin an affair. And on a beach day that proves to be much more, the bond between mother and daughter is tested. Each of these five tales delves into differing aspects of care, deception, and love that come together to form a tender and true portrait of trust in modern relationships.

Annette K. Olesen’s spellbinding romantic drama manages to keep audiences on the edge of their seats without any thrills or chills. By splicing her stories in between one another, she seamlessly connects the thematic undercurrents of each self-contained story while teasing the deeper truths hidden behind smiles and small gestures. Trust is at the heart of this short story collection, but whether each of Olesen’s characters earn or deserve that is a question she encourages you to ruminate on long after the film’s credits roll. A moving, unpredictable, and deeply felt assemblage of powerful narratives, A Matter of Trust provides a showcase for its ensemble cast’s impressive talents while digging into the fabric of human connection. —Frederic Boyer


Directed by Anette K. Olesen, Annette K. Olesen, and Annette K Olesen

Annette K. Olesen graduated from the National Film School of Denmark. Olesen’s international breakthrough came with drama ‘Minor Mishaps’ (2002) which won Der Blaue Engel at the Berlin Film Festival. She has also directed episodes of the Danish serie ‘Borgen’ (2010). Olesen has taught at Film \School in Denmark, Holland, Norway and Egypt.

Annette K Olesen
Jonas Frederiksen
Annette K Olesen, Maren Louise Käehne
Anders Nydam
Kåre Bjerkø
Denniz Göl Bertelsen
Executive Producer
Bo Ehrhardt, Birgitte Hald
Sound Design
Mick Raaschou
Line Producer
Julie Carla Mortensen
Production Designer
Gustav Pontoppidan
Trine Dyrholm, Jakob Cedergreen, Sofie Juul Blinkenberg, Ellen Rovsing Knudsen, Morten Hee Andersen, Emil Aron Dorph


International Sales Agent
Susan Wendt
Hvidovre, DK-2650
Phone: 2974 6206
US Sales Contact
Susan Wendt
Hvidovre, DK-2650
Phone: 2974 6206