Live Recording: Resistance
Panel Premiere

Live Recording: Resistance

Tribeca Podcasts
| United States | 60 MINUTES

Resistance is a widely acclaimed narrative nonfiction podcast from Gimlet Media and Spotify. It was released last fall by a homegrown team inspired by the extraordinary movements for Black lives sweeping the country. Resistance takes listeners to the frontlines to hear stories from the generation fighting for change.

Host Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr. and guests are coming to Tribeca to do a special live recording of a Fuck Your Water Fountain Episode, a segment on the podcast that celebrates little known stories of historical resistance. The event will include a musical performance by Ivy Sole, a poetry reading by Dominique Christina, and a stand-up set from Elsa Waithe.

Cast & Credits
Project Creator
Saidu Tejan Thomas Jr
Sarah McVeigh, Bethel Habte, Salifu Sesay Mack, Aaron Randle
Saidu Tejan Thomas Jr
Saidu Tejan Thomas Jr
Lydia Polgreen, Brendan Klinkenberg, Lynn Levy

Saidu Tejan Thomas Jr.

Saidu Tejan Thomas Jr.

Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr. is a producer, writer, and poet born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He was a contributor on the Peabody Award winning staff that produced “Uncivil.” He was also a producer on the acclaimed podcasts Conviction and Mogul. Saidu’s work seeks to highlight agency, joy, and resistance in the lives of Black and Brown people around the world.


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