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The Last Storm


World Premiere

UK, USA | 20 MINUTES | English |


Action, Documentary
Mark, a 60-year-old fledgling storm chaser who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, sets out across the Midwest with his friend's nephew to search for a twister before the two- month season comes to an end.

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Directed by Liam Saint-Pierre

London-based filmmaker Liam Saint-Pierre initially worked in documentaries, but his focus on story has since translated into making narrative films and commercial work. His films have won awards at a number of festivals, including at the Berlinale, the New York Short Film Festival, and the Barcelona International Film Festival.
Liam Saint-Pierre
Liam Saint-Pierre
Liam Saint-Pierre
Liam Saint-Pierre
Adam Thomas
Executive Producer
Kathleen Lingo
Associate Producer
Ross Williams
Supervising Editor
Andrew Blackwell
Coordinating Producer
Lindsay Crouse
Liam Saint-Pierre, Mriarty
Color Grade
Sound Design
Iain Grant
Mark Zabawa, Mike Marz


US Sales Contact
Liam Saint-Pierre
Foolish Monk Productions
London, E97TN
Phone: +44 797 412 2603
Print Source
Liam Saint-Pierre
Foolish Monk Productions
London, E97TN
Phone: +44 797 412 2603
Press Contact
Ross Williams
Harvest Pictures
London, W1F 0UJ
Phone: 44 790 398 7098