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Jack: Part One

Virtual Arcade

World Premiere

France, USA | 12 MINUTES | English |


Animation, Experimental, Action, Drama, Environmental, Tribeca Film Festival Alumni, Technology
From the Emmy® Award-winning creators at Baobab Studios comes a thrilling blend of animation and immersive theatre. Step into the shoes of Jack and experience a world completely re-imagined from the classic fairy tale. Jack is a ground-breaking experience that must be seen to be believed.

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Project Creator
Mathias Chelebourg
Key Collaborators
Kane Lee, Jonathan Flesher, Thomas Levassor, Olivier Piasentin
Baobab Studios
Written and Directed by
Mathias Chelebourg
French Producer
Nexus Forward
Stage and Props Designer
Ely Bessis
Concept Designer
Sébastien Iglesias
Thibaud Samson, Antoine Pintout
Environment Artist
Thomas Bertrand, David Calvet
Character Modeler
Damien Levaufre
Character Rigging and Setup
Maxime Granger
Sound Designer
Guillaume Moutardier
Production Manager
Amandine Bruneau
Casting Director
Frédérique Barkoff
Sylvie Mouchenik
Tribeca Performers
Lee Delong, Maria McClurg
Executive Producers
Maureen Fan, Eric Darnell, Larry Cutler, Kane Lee, Thomas Levassor, Olivier Piasentin
Stéphane Le Gouvello
Head of Business Development
Jonathan Flesher
Head of Product
David Kahn
Special Thanks
Vincent Rochefeuille, Romain Busnel, Cindy Brace, Mathieu Chabaud, Nessa McGill, Sébastien Haas, Emma Collins and IKINEMA, Colin Clement and GUSTAV BY COCKTAIL, François Asseman and OPTITRACK, Gaspard Breton and DYNAMIXYZ, Rémi Brunand MOCAPLAB


Project Contact
Kane Lee
Baobab Studios
Redwood City, CA 94065
Phone: 650 232 7162
Press Contact
Ryan Ratelle
RRR Creative
New York, 10023
Phone: 646 858 3136