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World Premiere

FEATURE | Mexico, Peru | 93 MINUTES | Spanish | English subtitles


Horror, Women, LGBTQIA+, Mystery

It should be the happiest time in Valeria’s life. She and her husband, Raul, have finally seen one of their longtime dreams come true: Valeria is pregnant. At first, everything seems perfect. Gradually, though, her mood darkens. With motherhood upon her, Valeria can't shake off heavy self-doubt and a pervasive dread, the latter stemming from visions of spider-like presences and other possibly supernatural threats, all of which may be the work of an entity known as “La Huesera.” Hoping to confront these demons, she reconnects with the old, more carefree life she once gave up for Raul, including rekindling an old flame with her first love, Octavia.

The fears and anxieties that come from being a first-time mother power this poignant and creepy feature debut from Mexican filmmaker Michelle Garza Cervera, whose bold and inventive short films have made waves in the genre festival circuit for nearly a decade. Tapping into themes similar to Maggie Gyllenhaal’s recent critical darling The Lost Daughter, Huesera provides a raw and intimate look at a complex character making difficult choices, the stakes of which are intensely heightened by Garza Cervera’s proficient ability to craft unsettling imagery and nerve-rattling set-pieces that’ll make your skin crawl. —Matt Barone

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Directed by Michelle Garza Cervera

Michelle Garza Cervera graduated from Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica in Mexico City. She was awarded a Chevening scholarship in the UK and completed an M.F.A in Directing at Goldsmiths University. Her shorts have been selected in over a hundred film festivals around the world. Huesera is her feature debut. 

Michelle Garza Cervera
Paulina Villavicencio, Edher Campos
Michelle Garza Cervera, Abia Castillo
Nur Rubio Sherwell
Adriana Martínez
Gibrán Androide, Cabeza de Vaca
Executive Producer
Eduardo Lecuona, Javier Sepúlveda, Francisco Sánchez, Mauricio van Hasselt, Mónica Reina, Rune Hansen, Joakim Ziegler, Øyvind Stiauren, David Bond
FOPROCINE, Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía, Señor Z, Maligno Gorehouse, Terminal, Simplemente
Sound Design
Christian Giraud
Raúl Prado
Production Design
Ana J. Bellido
Diego Vega Solorza
Post Production
Joakim Ziegler
Production Companies
Machete, Disruptiva Films
Natalia Solián, Alfonso Dosal, Mayra Batalla, Mercedes Hernández, Aída López, Martha Claudia Moreno


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