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Holy Air

International Narrative Competition

World Premiere

Israel | 81 MINUTES | Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Italian | English subtitles


Drama, Comedy
Adam (writer/director Shady Srour) is thoroughly in love with his wife Lamia (Laëtitia Eïdo), but that doesn’t make him a successful businessman. He needs money now more than ever as they’re experiencing a difficult pregnancy while his father is gravely ill. Adding the small daily misfortunes he encounters as an Arab Christian in Nazareth means Adam could really use a big break. He finds one where he least expects it: on the biblical hilltop Mount Precipice. He embarks on his latest, riskiest business venture: bottling the holy air and selling it to the city’s tourists.

A colorful snapshot of modern-day Nazareth, Holy Air examines the complicated emotions that go into living as a modern, progressive family on the world’s most spiritual ground. All around swirls the challenging social crosscurrents that Adam will need to navigate to get his idea off the ground: Catholic capitalists, Jewish bureaucrats, Muslim gangsters. Srour and Eïdo deliver remarkable and unflinching performances in this endearing comedy on spirituality, ideology, and survival—and which of the three must be sacrificed to preserve the others.

—Jule Rozite


Directed by Shady Srour

Shady Srour is a an actor, screenwriter, director and producer for Film, Theatre and TV. He graduated from Tel-Aviv University and from the Academy of Art University. Srour was involved in the film 24 Hours Jerusalem (ARTE) and played the Lead in the Oscar®--nominated short film, Ave Maria.
Shady Srour
Shady Srour
Daniel Miller
Naaman Bishara
Habib Shehadeh Hanna
Ilan Moskovitch, Shady Srour
Production Design
Miguel Merkin
Costume Design
Naim Kasem
Raja Dubayah
Shady Srour, Laëtitia Eïdo, Shmulik Calderon, Tareq Copti, Dalia Okal, Bian Anteer


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