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International Narrative Competition

International Premiere

Israel, Germany | 93 MINUTES


Drama, LGBTQIA, Fashion
Three 17-year-old girls (Stav Strashko, Netsanet Mekonnen, and Noam Lugasy) navigate the daily indignities of high school using razor-sharp wit to shield their vulnerabilities. Envious of their picture-perfect popular classmates, the trio make a secret pact to raise the funds for cosmetic surgery and prom dresses. They embark on an impulsive adventure that ultimately becomes a journey of self-discovery, shaping these self-conscious high-schoolers into adults.

Directing team Sharon Maymon and Tal Granit (The Farewell Party) bring their signature blend of provocative humor and humanity to this contemporary cautionary tale. Transgender model Strashko delivers a star-making performance as Eden, the girl with most to hide—but also the most to gain—in her search for validation. Flawless is a satisfying story of sisterhood that soothes the sting of adolescence, but it’s also an uplifting coming of age movie with universal life lessons for every viewer.

—Lucy Mukerjee


Directed by Sharon Maymon and Tal Granit

Sharon Maymon and Tal Granit co-wrote and co-directed five films, including Venice Film Festival Audience Award-winner The Farewell Party, Summer Vacation, and To Kill A Bumblebee. Maymon co-wrote Academy Award® -winning Skin and co-directed A Matter Of Size.
Sharon Maymon, Tal Granit
Osnat Handelsman Keren, Talia Kleinhendler, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Thanassis Karathanos, Martin Hampel
Sharon Maymon, Tal Granit
Giora Bejach
Einat Glaser Zarhin
Ivri Lider
Stav Strashko, Netsanet Zenaneh Mekonnen, Noam Lugasy, Arad Triffon Reshef, Niv Sultan, Asi Levy


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