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Father of the Cyborgs


World Premiere

FEATURE | Ireland | 76 MINUTES | English |


Documentary, Biography, Science Fiction, Technology

Once a famous neuroscientist, Dr. Phil Kennedy, made global headlines for implanting wire electrodes in the brain of a paralyzed man and then teaching the patient to control a computer with his mind. That was in the 1990s and he was compared to Alexander Graham Bell in The Washington Post and became known as "Father of the Cyborgs". He made headlines more recently in 2014 when he travelled to South America and had tiny electrodes implanted inside his own brain in order to continue his research.

Director David Burke creates a fascinating portrait of this brilliant yet divisive figure in the neuro-surgery field as well as a nuanced exploration of neuro-security, ethics and self-experimentation. —Dan Hunt

After the Movie: A conversation with subject and neurologist Dr. Phil Kennedy, director of the Georgia Tech BrainLab, Dr. Melody Moore Jackson and neurobiologist Dr. Darcy B. Kelley. Moderated by Jen Schwartz (Scientific American), the panel will discuss Dr. Kennedy's extraordinary work and legacy within his field of computer-brain interface and beyond. Hosted by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

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Directed by David Burke

David Burke is an award-winning Irish documentary filmmaker. He has produced three documentaries focusing on iconoclastic characters, who despite their world-class pedigree found themselves isolated in their chosen field. Father of the Cyborgs is his directorial debut.

David Burke
David Burke, Sean O'Cualain
David Burke, Sean O'Cualain
David Burke
Colm Hogan, JJ Rolfe, Keith Pendred
Colm Hogan, JJ Rolfe, Keith Pendred
Simon O'Reilly
Cara Holmes
Executive Producer
Doron Weber, Colm O'Callaghan, Celine Haddad
Executive Producers
Doron Weber, Colm O'Callaghan, Celine Haddad
Key Cast
Dr. Phil Kennedy
US Distributor
Cargo Film and Releasing
Dr. Phil Kennedy, Melody Moore Jackson, John Horgan, Prof. John Donoghue, Prof. Rafael Yuste


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