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Exhibition A

Tribeca Immersive: Best of Season – Out of Competition

New York Premiere

United States | 25 MINUTES | English |


A love letter to women of color written in virtual reality, Exhibition A showcases talent from the POC, immigrant, non-binary, LGBTQ, and Black communities in Portland, Maine to benefit Coded by Young Women of Color (CYWOC). Play as glittering avatars amidst intimate performances, including Veeva Banga’s Afrobeats Dance, "Kiwi Drip" performed by Adrienne Mack-Davis and Felicia Cruz, spoken word from Portland's Poet Laureate Maya Williams, “Diamonds” by JanaeSound, and interactive 3D design by Nick Hall/Tripdragon.

Part of the Juneteenth programming. Sponsored by:


Yarn Corporation (Sam Mateosian), Janay Woodruff
Produced by
Yarn Corporation (Sam Mateosian), JanaesoundMusic
Allen Baldwin, Charlotte Warren
Key Collaborator
CYWOC (Coded by Young Women of Color), Yarn Corporation
Project Creator
Nick Hall, Janay Woodruff
Graphic Design
Darrel Grosvalet
Janay Woodruff
Lead Artists
Tripdragon, Janaesound
JanaeSound, Adrienne Mack-Davis, Veeva Banga, Felicia Cruz, Maya Williams