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Employee of the Month

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FEATURE | United States, Belgium | 78 MINUTES | French | English subtitles


Horror, Women, Comedy

Middle-aged Ines is a diligent worker at EcoCleanPro, a company that sells cleaning products. She is reliable and eager to please, and is always at the beck and call of her boss Patrick. Ines is tasked with mentoring young trainee Melody - whose mother used to work at the company - and she embraces her mentoring role to the sarcastic, closed-off Melody. However, while Ines treats her work seriously, her male co-workers and her boss Patrick consistently belittle her, ordering her to do menial tasks. With her patience running out, Ines meets with Patrick to ask him for a raise, and he proceeds to not only disparage her request, but also grab her violently and assault her. Ines pushes him away as Melody walks into the office, and an accidental violent incident is committed. Melody is now complicit in Ines’ crime, and both women must decide how to cover their tracks and clean up their mess. 

Veronique Jadin’s Employee of the Month delivers a sharp look at office culture, explored through a genre lens. This quirky dark comedy infectiously embraces its comical circumstances, while at the same time having something to say about sexism & misogyny in the workplace. With its playful tone and cleverly-crafted moments of outlandish violence, Jadin’s film injects her mischievous narrative with thoughtful characters & a darkly comedic perspective.--Jose Rodriguez


Directed by Véronique Jadin

Véronique Jadin
Sebastian Schelenz
Véronique Jadin, Nina Vanspranghe
Production Company
Velvet Films
Jasmina Douieb, Laetitia Mampaka, Alex Vizorek, Peter Van Den Begin, Laurence Bibot


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Matteo Lovadina
Reel Suspects
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Velvet Films
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