Decisions: Party’s Over

Decisions: Party’s Over

Tribeca X Award
| USA | 20 MINUTES | English
To reinforce Diageo’s industry-leading position, commitment to responsible drinking, and the success of previous corporate social responsibility campaigns, the brand took on the goal of starting the conversation around the dangers of binge drinking.

Decisions: Party’s Over is a VR experience that engages consumers in a first-person, 360° immersive story about the dangers of binge drinking. The experience allows consumers to interact with the story – toggling between four different points of view – as they experience each of the characters’ perspectives during a night of binge drinking. By using this technology, Diageo was able to bring to life tragic binge drinking scenarios in a powerful way that allowed consumers to become personally invested and understand the negative effects of alcohol abuse. Of attendees at the launch of the experience, 89 percent agreed that the use of VR technology made the experience more impactful.

Decisions: Party's Over will be available to experience from Monday 4/22 - Wednesday 4/24 at our Festival Hub at Spring Studios from 10AM-6PM.

Cast & Credits
Patrick Meegan
Matthew Lynch
Derek Elliott, Jack Donaldson
Patrick Meegan
Duncan Shepard
Executive Producer
Aaron Hart, Tom Vance, Scott Gemmell
Jaunt, Taylor
Mariel Neto, Katie Malia, Niru Anya, Jonathan Stoddard
Mariel Neto, Katie Malia, Niru Anya, Jonathan Stoddard


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