Day By Day
World Premiere

Day By Day

Tribeca Audio Storytelling: Official Selections
| United States | 30 MINUTES
New York, Drama, LGBTQIA+, Mystery

Cody, a bitcoin trader with an opioid habit, is mandated to a therapeutic community after a suicide attempt.  He joins five other addicts recovering with a controlling female counselor.

Cast & Credits
Project Creator
Andre Fuad Degas
Sue Zizza
Joniece Abbott-Pratt
Andre Fuad Degas
David Shinn and Matt Serianni
Executive Producer
Andre Degas, Sue Zizza
Sound Design
David Shinn
Audio Co-Directors
Sue Zizza and Andre Fuad Degas
Master Engineer
David Shinn
Art Design
Ann Petter
Co-Produced by
Nubia Films and SueMedia Productions
Marqus Bobesich, Nikkole Salte, Kerry Malloy, Nixon Cesar, Gabriel Gutierrez, Clarice Lafayette

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