The Cub
World Premiere

The Cub

Tribeca Games
| Serbia, Poland, United States | 30 MINUTES | English
Action, Environmental, Music, Science Fiction

Welcome to Earth after The Great Climate Catastrophe, where only the ultra-rich managed to evacuate to Mars. Decades have passed and those on Mars venture back to Earth to collect specimens like a safari hunt. As the Cub, a mutant orphan immune to the toxins that killed off most of humanity, players will be relentlessly hunted by a science expedition and must run to safety amongst the ruins of Earth. Featuring an original soundtrack program, Radio Nostalgia from Mars.

Cast & Credits
Untold Tales
Game Creator
Igor Simic
Project Creator
Demagog Studio
Demagog Studio
Igor Simic, Shane Berry, Nikola Stepkovic, Ivan Stankovic, Nikola Mesarovic, Milos Mihajlovic, Sonja Varga, Mladen Nikolic, Darko Tomas, Milos Jaramaz, Milos Milojevic
Igor Simic, Shane Berry
Ana Curcin, Bojana Novakovic, Goran Grubisic, Hornsman Coyote, Sara Renar, Tamara Jokic

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